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Blog made in china .Today the Australian furniture market is mainly manufactured in the Asian countries, this day I am going to talk about China. As in all markets there will be the good, the excellent and the not so good manufacturers .The bed shop proudly supports Australian made and quality imported furniture.The quality imported furniture we retail is always made with Australian timber.The reason being this does not buckle or change shape due to different weather conditions , because the timber from the Asian countries is often very damp and once it comes in to Australia the timber begins to dry out and hence the bed or the drawers will warp. So to avoid this happening ,quality retailers such as the bed shop and the sofa store choose the beautiful Australian gums. These are all sourced from sustainable plantation. The timbers such as The marri timber grown only in Western Australian is the choice of many artisan manufacturers .It is known for the grains and the markings and its beautiful honey color.Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak are again beautiful strong gums grown high in the hills of Tasmania and the Victorian ash plantation grown. These timbers are preferred by the customer that loves light clean line timber with the consistent grain and very little contrast in colorings .A lot of the modern contempory furniture is made from this timber and is suited for the modern Australian.
Blackwood grows in South Australia and the eastern states. In the wetter areas of Tasmania it is grown in large volumes for commercial use. Blackwood features beautiful color variance creams to rich tans and honey colors blackwood doesnot tend to have very dark markings. Makes into stunning bedroom furniture the bed shop loves blackwood furniture .

manufacturing in China, made in china. the products retailed at the bed shop and the sofa store ballarat are of the highest manufacturing quality . the drawers will be dove tailed all glued and screwed with quality safety runners.Everything is squared and with high quality rail fittings for the beds.we have spoken about the beautiful timbers used. Some products will be part veneered and solid.No knock off products . the designers are australian and design furniture for the australian home and the australian tastes. China produces top quality furniture at affordable costs.We support our australian manufactureres and quality imported furniture.

Such a vast landscape Australia and the the Australians love thie timber it reflects the conditions of the environment natural condition
Furniture manufactured in the Asian countries although mainly China .Global market,maufacturing
The bed shop loves Australian hardwood.
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